Friday, August 13, 2010

Look Who's in Gallup!

I've been traveling New Mexico and writing about my love for the land, the culture and the fun for years now. But imagine how surprised I was to run into a real celebrity at the Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial.

I had just finished enjoying the award-winning Native American art, listening to a Native flute player and I headed toward the horno (oven) to see if the bread was done. And there were my friends from northern New Mexico... Jack the travelin' bull dog and not far behind, Ms. Jill! It was so fun to see them. Jack was noticeably afected by the warm weather (after all, he is from a much cooler climate).

Later we saw Jack, in the Exhibition Hall, happily posing for photos near some absolutely splendid Navajo weavings. He really liked the cool floor.

Jack was just a pup when I first met him. But he's doing a great job of promoting tourism in New Mexico. Go Jack!

Follow Jack's exploits on his blog.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose