Friday, November 30, 2012

New from the TSA: Snow Globes are a go! Cranberry Sauce is a no!

This snowglobe construction kit is available through
I was checking out TSA information in preparation for a, gulp, commercial airline flight so see what was new. Of course I was hoping I no longer had to take off my shoes, my belt, my jacket, etc. I always am amazed by how some of us dress up to travel and then have to get undressed at the airport. No wonder I am disheveled by the time I reach my destination! No wonder I see people traveling in sweats and flip flops!

Here's what's new from TSA... "you may be surprised at what you can bring through security now. For example, the TSA has changed their rules, and now lets passengers bring snow globes in their carry-on luggage—the catch, however, is that the snow globe must be able to fit in the quart-sized liquids bag. You can also now wear gel insoles in your shoes (good news for those holiday high heel wearers). Bringing some leftovers on the flight back home? The TSA reminds you that solid foods (including turkeys!) are allowed, but check this list to see which foods are considered liquids and can't be brought in carry-on luggage unless it meets the 3-1-1 rule. (Sorry, cranberry sauce.)" Full article on Holiday Travel Tips

The TSA is really trying to help. They even have an app that will tell you if your item is prohibited or not. The app is called "My TSA." Of course you can check things out on their website as well.

One thing the TSA has neglected to do is help me with my memory. I have been caught going through the scanner with a knife in my purse (put in there after a potluck dinner where I brought the cheese and crackers), a bottle of water in my purse (pure forgetfulness) and a diet coke in my purse (more forgetfulness).

I am gearing up to fly again and have selected a direct flight. I may have to be cooped up with over a hundred total strangers but at least I only have to endure two airports!

Happy Holidays!