Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Liz's Travel News and Views: Razor Clamming Time, Go Wild in Portland, Sad News About Jackalope

Here are some suggestions for travel and fun in the western U.S. With the leaves turning and storms a churning at the coast, it's a great time to brave the weather and have some outdoor fun.

Go Razor Clamming on Washington's Long Beach Peninsula
I loved being out at night carrying a lantern and joining in the clamming fun. Official Clam Tides will continue all winter long!  Check the State Department of Fish and Wildlife website for the most current information on digs.  There are many scheduled in November and December.  Clamming on the Long Beach Peninsula is incredible, challenging and fun for the whole family.

At Adrift Hotel, they will even help provide you with the ultimate clamming experience.  You can purchase a clamming package when you reserve your room for only $20 dollars extra. The package includes a 3 day license, use of their clam gun, net, and a lantern for the night clammer. Kids are only a $5 add on.
For more information please contact Adrift Hotel at or call  360-642-2311

Go Wild in Portland, Oregon
Readers worldwide have fallen for Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Portlander Cheryl Strayed’s 2012 memoir reached the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list, and was the first selection for Oprah’s Book Club reboot. The story’s film adaptation, set for a December 2014 release, has already earned critical acclaim and Oscar buzz for star Reese Witherspoon. Create your own wild adventure and prep for the premiere with these Portland-area activities.
Danner's Mountain Light Cascade Boot for Women

Buy the boots
Strayed’s well-worn hiking boots are a major plot point­ in Wild — they even grace the book’s front cover. Fans can buy their own retro, red-laced boots at REI, where the author bought (and famously returned) her own shoes 20 years ago. Made in Portland by iconic heritage brand Danner, these boots, which Witherspoon dons in the film, are definitely keepers. Each pair also includes a Mount Hood-themed sew-on patch to decorate your trekking gear. (The boots are also available online.)

Hit the trail
Sure, you could attempt the entire 1,100-mile Pacific Crest Trail like Cheryl Strayed — but Portland offers a handy shortcut. Many of the trail’s best Oregon sections are just a short drive from town, including Mount Hood and the historic Timberline Lodge, the Columbia River Gorge and Cascade Locks, where the Bridge of the Gods provides an emotional ending to Strayed’s journey.

Read the book
Available from

Jackalope as I remember it.
Santa Fe's Jackalope in Transition  
You'll still find some interesting things at Jackalope, a beloved import store on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe. But the owner is transitioning to a vendor only model. That means some of our favorite employees have gone and the people we enjoyed seeing my no longer be there.

Darby McQuade, too, has moved on. I'll miss seeing
McQuade’s on-premise home with 150 white pigeons roosting on the second-floor balcony and his friendly face. He founded Jackalope after beginning his business selling pottery out of the back of his truck on the Santa Fe Plaza.

I remember strolling the grounds, enjoying a visit with the resident donkeys and listening to music played under the huge tree near El Mercado.

While Jackalope will remain, I just can't believe it will have the same spirit.