Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring on the Long Beach Peninsula: Natural gardens galore

The lavish breakfasts at the Boreas Inn are enhanced by
garden flowers
If you’ve even wondered where the edible flowers come from that decorate the breakfast delights at the Boreas Inn or how the busy Depot Restaurant finds time to cultivate such a lovely old-fashioned garden, you are not alone. There are gardens everywhere!

I’ve been following a gardening blog, The Tangly Cottage Gardening Journal, written a very busy gardener on the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington.  The duo who do the gardening, Skyler Walker and Allan Fritz, care for many gardens, public and private, on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Many of the motels and restaurants have spring gardens that are the lovely results of their gardening efforts. And they have been recognized for their gardening work at City Hall.

There is something special about the quaint gardens you’ll discover on the Long Beach Peninsula. They aren’t manicured but they are carefully planned. They are reminiscent of English cottage gardens.
Lovely old fashioned flowers
in the Depot Restaurant gardens

Have a look at the Tangly Cottage blog. They have photos of gardens through the seasons and hints on coastal gardening. You'll even find a tutorial on how to create a deer friendly garden.

The blog makes for a great spring read and will whet your appetite for more. When you visit the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington slow down a bit and enjoy the little gardens.