Sunday, August 23, 2015

ReMaker's Fair in Vancouver Washington: Joyful despite the wildfire smoke

One of the joys of travel is finding unique folk art to bring back and share with others. That is how my business, Santa Fe Rose, was born. I met artists, loved their art and decided to share it with others. I traveled and others could enjoy what I had encountered on my trips. And, I could put a little money aside for the next trip!
Bringing interesting things from around the world
to the ReMaker's Fair... Santa Fe Rose

I was pleased when I heard about the ReMaker's Fair at Habitat for Humanity benefitting their Women Build Program. I could join recyclers, upcyclers and other creative sorts and sell my wares.

I have been selling beautifully beaded Guatemalan jewelry for almost ten years now and am never less than amazed at the work of these rural women beading together in a cooperative venture.

But participating in the fair wasn't a simple story. It was more complex. Wildfires raged to the north and east of us.... miles away. But today, the winds had shifted and I awoke to a red sun and what looked like fog. But it wasn't. It was smoke.
The skies were smoky and the sun, red.

We set up not knowing what the day would bring. The smoke was getting thicker. Eyes watered but we toughed it out. After all there were people who were fighting these fires and homeowners in tears over their burned homes. A little smoke couldn't get us down!

The ReMaker's fair was a success with music, vendors, classes, a silent auction and upcycling demonstrations.

Food trucks provided sustenance and there was a light mood amidst the wind and smoke.

Here is a gallery of photos from the fair. It was a success despite the unexpected weather. I hope to return next year for this event.
My first customer of the day was another vendor
who scored a bracelet and dream catcher.

This Habitat volunteer's nails matched
the gorgeous bracelet.
The smoke got worse
The entertainment was excellent

It got a bit windy for the umbrellas and pop up tents but we survived!
A special treat. Melanie Roy came to sing.
Food Truck Ingrid loves her new bracelet!
I will be selling at the EverGreen Holiday Gift Show at the Marshall Community Center in Vancouver, WA on December 12th. You'll see many of the vendors there that participated in the ReMaker's Fair.

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