Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bypass Shopping and #Optoutside this Black Friday

I love it. REI has it right. This year, they are again closing their doors on Black Friday and paying their 12,000+ employees to spend time outdoors. And they want their customers to spend time outdoors too. After all, you can shop REI, and everywhere else on Black Monday.

But seriously, after a day with family or a day dining out, or a day of serving the poor, a day outside is just what the doctor ordered. Being outside is good for the soul. And standing in line at your local big box store IS NOT!

Spending a day outside gets you in the right frame of mind for the holiday season… the true meaning of the holidays. Fighting others for the right to purchase a huge TV DOES NOT!

Spending a day outside helps you connect with your family, your friends and your pets. Grabbing for cheap toys at the local big box store DOES NOT!

I belong to an organization that puts on non-competitive walking events all around the US and the world. And they invite you to join in on their walks on Black Friday and discover your outdoor world on foot. Just look up their walk events for that date on the AVA website.

I’ll be walking with a local AVA club on Hayden Island the Friday after Thanksgiving. Francesca, the coonhound will be with me. Cinnamon the Coonhound will be home sleeping off her special holiday dinner!

So look for an outdoorsy opportunity on the REI website, and get outside the day after Thanksgiving. You’ll be thankful you did!

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