Thursday, August 17, 2017

Things to Do in Oregon after the Solar Eclipse

The long-awaited solar eclipse will be over by noon on Monday August 21st. Many are flocking to Oregon to experience the path of totality. When that's over there are more marvelous paths to experience in beautiful Oregon. Here are some recent experiences I have written about... lots of pictures too!

Experience a Little Bit of Germany in Quaint Mt. Angel*

Dining, Exploring and Staying at Mt. Hood's Timberline Lodge

Domaine Divio Vineyards in the Newberg Countryside *

Sip Along Eugene Oregon's Ale Trail

Have fun in Florence: Sand Dune Adventures

Willamette Valley Vineyards: Tasting and Overnight Stays  *

Enjoy the Art Town of Joseph in Eastern Oregon

The solar eclipse in Oregon takes place on Aug. 21, and will begin its partial phase at 9:04 am. The phase of totality will begin at 10:16 am on the coast, and will last around two minutes.

Portland's KGW News answers questions about the eclipse. 

*in the path of totality