Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Confessions of a Travel Writer - Wet and Spoiled

When you go out in the boonies and stay at the lovely Abiquiu Inn way out near Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico, you'll find not only a lighted kiva fireplace, you'll find one of those cushy, comfy white robes.

When I stay at nice places, I have come to expect a nice robe and no longer pack one. So imagine my frustration when I didn't find one at the new Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort. It was my last day of the 8 day marathon tour of northern New Mexico so I wasn't too grumbly about not having a bathtub to soak in but once I enjoyed the tiled shower, I stepped out to.... a towel to wrap myself in. I really wasn't ready to dress for dinner, but had no alternative as there was no robe in the closet.

So this is the "No Robe Rant." I'm spoiled, don't you think?