Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying Not to Travel

It's in my blood. Travel, that is. I've never lived in one place longer than 20 years and I yearn to see new places and experience other cultures. But, for now, I have realized that it's time to sit back, work on my pictures and write about all the wondrous places I have been over the summer.

Summer in the desert is unbearable so many become snowbirds and fly north. Me? I just travel to cooler climates. Here's my suggested list of personally experienced getaways for those suffering from the summer heat:

Oregon Coast
Oregon's Columbia River Gorge
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Gallup, New Mexico
Salt Lake City, Utah
Anchorage, Alaska

No wonder I need to stay put! Look where I have journeyed.... and all in one summer!
Read the articles and get ideas for your next getaway.