Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winslow, Arizona's New Visitor's Center is a Must-See

Years ago, when I was in Winslow, I was told that the Visitors Center would be moving to the historic Hubbell Trading Post building. It was a brick building with a faded trading post sign. I was glad that they were going to use that building.

This past month when I was in Winslow with the Adopt a Native Elder program, we stopped in to see the new Visitors Center. I was impressed. There was a huge community room, displays carefully built in to Hubbell trading post architectural features and a great trading post sign they found in the basement. I loved seeing the sign that touted the location as having "The largest Navajo rug in the world."

In those days, to be a tourist attraction along old Route 66, you had to have the largest, the weirdest or the smallest of something. Visitors loved curiosities.

This Visitors Center is a must-see for the displays and for the selection of literature that will guide you to attractions in the area. Next to the Visitors Center is an old railroad box car that will eventually be open to visitors and will house railway memorabilia from the area.

More Information:Winslow Chamber of Commerce