Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Amazing Race - Catching Up.... Read the Clues!

St. Petersburg, Russia looked like a fantastic place to visit. But the Amazing Race teams were so hurried and frustrated that they didn't get to enjoy the beautiful architecture.

I may be compulsive and a quick reader as well so I had a little trouble understanding why teams didn't fully read their clues. Errors resulted in a team being eliminated. Just read guys! I also found out if you DID read the clues, sometimes the writers let you slide.

We found that physical tasks were tough... spinning plates, throwing bats, running and more. But not reading the clue was unforgiveable. If it says you can't have a taxi lead you, then don't. If it says walk to your next destination, why take a taxi?

Me? I would have walked and not run. I read every single word. But I guess, "Walk" means "Running is OK too!" I disagree with that. The clue writers need to be consistent. Where do you draw the line and tell contestants they broke the rules. If I was in the race, my partner would have been so mad at me.... I would have insisted on walking!