Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going to Get a Full Body Scan at the Airport - Are You?

Oh goody.... someone at the airport wants to scan my body. In return, I'll have the privelege of being packed on an airplane with over a hundred holiday travelers.

I'm back flying again as I want to see my lovely granddaughters for Thanksgiving! So my choice is not to fly or to stay home. I must fly!
So with all the buzz about the full body scans and the alternative pat-down, I took just a moment to think this through. I have had a full body scan several times. It is fast and I am on my way quickly. Now when it comes to a body pat down, I think that might be much more intrusive. True, you will have a person of the same sex pat you down, but now the pat-down is much more intimate and time-consuming. I really feel for the guys who opt for a pat down and have a man slide his hand up into their most private parts. Ugh! If I was a guy, I'd quickly opt for the scan.

So for me there is no question. I'm going to be scanned. So what are other thoughts... would anyone give up traveling because of this?