Monday, November 15, 2010

The Amazing Race - Nat and Kat Still In - Women's Costume Change

I've been waiting for this.... finally the racing women are less, shall we say... racy! I wondered if traditional dress in any of the countries where our amazing racers were sent would dictate how they dress, but until now, the women were at home in sports bras and tank tops and the guys enjoyed their guy t-shirts.

But now, the gang has traveled to Oman. The Omanis are primarily Muslims and we know that traditional Muslim women do NOT wear sports bras, tank tops and stretch pants in public. So, without any discussion, our racy women showed up in loose fitting t-shirts covering their cleavage and sports bras. It was time that the customs of the nation where they visited were followed a bit more than usual. Usually, the contestants are so wrapped up in their race and in themselves, that they pay little attention to what is going on around them!

And, I can happily report that my favorites, Nat and Kat, are using their brains to win challenges and are certainly still in the running. I find it hard to believe that Nat is a Type I Diabetic. They are amazing women running an amazing race!