Monday, December 13, 2010

Amazing Race - Nat and Kat Win ... Medical education bills to be paid off!

I'm not gloating, but I selected anestheseologists, Nat and Kat, from the beginning. Yes, they are from my area of the country, but they also have been through medical school, preparing them well for the stressors encountered in the Amzaing Race.

Nat and Kat have overcome fear of heights, type I diabetes, sleep deprivation and more. What medical school resident hasn't experienced sleep deprivation?

Over and over they showed that brain power, and level-headed thinking will endure the stresses and craziness of the Amazing Race. What I appreciated seeing in them the most, was maturity. I get so tired of watching immature people without coping skills fall apart during the race.

I am proud of Nat and Kat, the first all-female team to win the Amazing Race. If I have to be put under, I would feel comfortable having Nat or Kat do the job!