Sunday, December 5, 2010

TSA Scans and Pat Downs - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I have a hard time dealing with what I have been reading about the new TSA approach to travelers. While I appreciate security, it seems like some of the agents just don't use common sense. When that happens, things can get ugly.

Case in point: At my home airport, a woman is confined for an hour as she was legally bringing breast milk through the checkpoint and asked that it not be x-rayed. Here's the story about the woman who was held captive in "a glass cage" for over an hour. Here's the video of this story.

Next case: Also at my home airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor, a woman decides she has had enough with the TSA pat-downs and decides to draw attention to the issue by going through the checkpoint in nothing but a coat and undies. Apparently her wheel chair had traces of nitrates on it. That is a no-no. Here is the now famous video.

And of course we all remember the horrific story of the retired man who was roughly treated during a pat-down so that urine from his urostomy bag leaked all over his clothing.

And now for the good... Arthur Frommer, well-traveled, of course, reported that there was no drama or abuse during his recent travels. I have to concur. I have had no trouble during my recent travels either.

And for a little light-hearted fun, here's a video made by Radiant Church of Surprise, Arizona.

It appears that if something out of the ordinary is presented to the TSA, they do not have training or a clear process for handling the situation. Left to their own devices, they seem to get heavy-handed.