Sunday, February 20, 2011

See the Real Arizona

I've been writing about some Arizona favorites. These places are what I call the "real" Arizona, places where visitors can get in touch with the wild west and the history of the Copper State.

Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona, just north of Phoenix, overlooking the beautiful Verde Valley, is a pretty lively ghost town. Jerome, once a thriving copper mine town, is now a draw for art enthusiasts, wine aficionados and those who love to paint and photograph the historic buildings. More...Jerome, Arizona

Bisbee, Arizona

If you want to experience a bit of the old west, head to southern Arizona. You’ll be surprised when you see Bisbee. It is one of those unique Arizona mining towns that has evolved over the years. Once a thriving copper mining town, Bisbee is now home to retirees and artists. Bisbee is full of historic buildings and homes and interesting rambling hillside streets. Add in a ghost or two and you’ll find that Bisbee an ideal place to spend a week or a weekend. More... Bisbee, Arizona

Wickenburg, Arizona

Henry Wickenburg’s Vulture Gold Mine, discovered in 1863 and closed in 1942, played a significant part in Arizona history. Located north of Phoenix, in Wickenburg, Arizona, the mine site and operations buildings on the surrounding property are worth touring. More...Vulture Mine and Wickenburg

Not Listed

You'll notice I have not listed such well known sites as Tombstone, Old Tucson and Rawhide Village. While people enjoy these places, they are just too commercial for me to get in touch with the real history of Arizona. I hope you'll agree.

Chime in

I'd love to hear, in the comments, of other places you would add to this list of "real Arizona" locations.

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