Friday, April 15, 2011

Tips from Friends Visiting Taos - Have a burger!

My friends headed to Taos and I, of course, told them the best places to find New Mexican cuisine. Having minds of their own they chose to dine on hamburgers! After hearing their comments about Five Star Hamburgers, I was determined to try it out myself on my next venture to Taos.

From my friends:

Don't be put off by it's location on the Route 68 retail "strip." Five Star Burgers is a fast food joint with a bar. In fact, get there between 4 and 6 and you can have sliders and other bar food for $1 to $1.25.

We chose the Five Star Burger which is made with local grass fed, antibiotic free beef, gorgonzola cheese and applewood bacon. Delicious! Best burger I've had since The Red Devon in Stanfordville NY. Along with sweet potato fries and green chili mayo-I'm stuffed. I may try to force down an ice cream shooter (whatever that is. )

You learn something new about your friends at each visit. This time I learned that these New York/Phoenix residents know their burgers!

Five Star Burgers has locations in both Taos and Albuquerque.

Photo Credit: Five Star Burgers