Friday, July 15, 2011

Parts of Bandelier National Monument Now Open

If you want to hike and promise to stay on the trails, you might be able to visit part of Bandelier National Monument. You just won't be able to visit the Visitor Center and trails leading to the ruins for awhile.

According to a post on Bandelier's Facebook page:

Things are beginning to open at Bandelier! Although the canyon bottom will be off limits for quite awhile due to the danger of massive flashfloods with debris flows, other areas are becoming available. Starting tonight, Friday, Juniper Campground will be open, and there will be ranger programs there at 8:30 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

And more opportunities starting today! The separate Tsankawi section, near White Rock, will be open, as well as the Tyuonyi Overlook trail (1 1/4 miles each way, begins near the Juniper amphitheater, not burned) and the Burnt Mesa trai (2 miles or so each way, has been burnt, see photo) which is 4 miles west of the park entrance station along Hwy 4. On all these trails, take lots of water, remember sunscreen, don't be out there during afternoon thunderstorms. And they're are open only on the condition that hikers stay right on the trail at all times. Be careful out there!