Thursday, February 23, 2012

Traveling with Vera Bradley Bags - My Recommendations

When I wrote about my decision to purchase a Vera Bradley Weekender bag for road trips, I didn't realize how popular that article would be. I guess there are many Vera Bradley fans out there! So, as a follow up, here is how things worked out.

We took a road trip through southern New Mexico. When we packed the car, handling the Vera Bradley bag was very easy. The handles are sturdy and, as I suspected, the pattern of the material did not show the road dust. I thought the fully packed bag was light enough for me to handle but felt a larger bag would be too heavy for me to carry.

My traditional suitcase with wheels is rather heavy empty, so carrying a Vera Bradley actually was lighter. The bag opens up to a full rectangle and so it is easy to pack.

When we arrived at the hotel in Las Cruces, the beautiful El Encanto de las Cruces, I took my bag and a few hanging clothes to the room. I didn't miss my wheeled suitcase at all!

Imagine my surprise when I placed the bag on the bed and found that the bed and room decor matched the Vera Bradley pattern... SunsetSafari. Now that was a coincidence.

More Vera Bradley on the Horizon
This little experiment went so well that I ordered the matching garment bag from Vera Bradley. Gotta cover up those clothes on a hangar with something stylish, right?
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