Saturday, July 21, 2012

Luminara Candles: Safe for Travel and Home

I've been watching the development of those flameless, battery operated candles. As a person who has been known to forget a burning candle in a place like a guest bathroom, having candles that look real but are not real have given me great peace of mind.

Some people enjoy a candle while they are traveling. Put at the bedside, a flickering candle can bring peace to a hotel room and help you drift off to sleep. But you may be super tired and forget to snuff out the candle, right? That is where the flameless look-alikes come into play. These look-alikes are battery operated.

At home you can use flameless candles to make it look like you are home when you are away or to greet you after a long day at work. Now you can get candles that have timers! You can set the candle to light up at the same time each night and then self-extinguish at a given time. 

Candles are not just for winter holidays. They add warmth to a home year round. The best candles, in my opinion are the Luminara FlamelessCandles. They have a faux wick that flickers. I can't tell them from the real thing! They come in various sizes and colors. 

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  1. Wow they are so awesome!
    I just love that they are lightly scented as well. I wished I could have had something like this while i was on my 5 year journey around the world. Something to bring me comfort and a little normality in the crazyness of backpacking. Subtle, Safe and the batteries last forever! espcially when you only have them on for a few hours each day.
    Great choice of product to blog about Liz!!!!!