Monday, July 9, 2012

Sightseeing in flip flops? Well sort of...

I like being comfortable when sightseeing and traveling. To do that without hurting my feet, I have had to resort to wearing day hikers with arch support. But recently I found the absolute best shoe for summer touring... Orthaheel footwear. I can walk all day in these flip flop look-alikes and my foot is supported. It's ideal for the beach, nice enough looking for a museum and I think I am doing my feet a favor by wearing them. Orthaheel makes simple thong type shoes and has shoes with a designer-look like these red ones shown in the picture.

Recently I walked through downtown Santa Fe, up historic streets and even climbed a hill on a dirt road. The shoes did not slip and slide and my feet and knees survived well.

When you receive your shoes, try them out for brief periods. Your feet and legs will be adjusting to a good and healthy position. It might feel funny. Actually now, my feet feel funny if I am NOT wearing them!

I highly recommend trying a simple pair of Orthaheel's. I now have two pair. They even have them for men.

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