Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012: The weird side of travel

If you travel enough, and aren't afraid to get off the beaten path, you'll run into things that are unusual, culturally different or just plain weird. Here are some weird travel stories from 2012.

Huge Las Vegas Chocolate Fountain: Did you know that The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada is home to a glass-encased 27 foot high chocolate fountain with 2,100 pounds of melted flowing chocolate… white, medium and dark chocolate? 

Fritos Pies: Did you know that Fritos pie (aka Frito pie) a mix of Fritos, chile, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, was invented in Santa Fe? Further, did you know that this delicacy is served in the Frito wrapper?

Camel Rock: Did you ever wonder about that huge rock formation shaped like a camel just north of Santa Fe? We tell all about Camel Rock.

Chocolate Expert: Did you know that there is a Chocolate Historian in Santa Fe? I met Mark Sciscenti when the announcement of the exhibit, New World Cuisine: The Histories of Chocolate, Maté y Mas, was made by the Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum.

San Geronimo Church in Taos, NM: Did you know about the church's violent past? The church was rebuilt in 1706 after being destroyed in the Pueblo Revolt. But it was destroyed again by U.S. troops in retaliation for the death of New Mexico’s first territorial governor, Charles Bent. Some say that Bent was shot, scalped alive and then assassinated by Pueblo and Mexican attackers on January 19, 1847.

Crazy Quartzsite, Arizona: Finally, did you know that there is a place in the desert where thousands of RV'ers congregate for the winter and swap gems and minerals, flea market items and more?