Friday, December 21, 2012

OK to Fly without REALID after January 15th, 2013 (Update)

Here's an update on RealID. It appears that those in New Mexico and other non-compliant states will not have to worry about carrying a passport when traveling in the US as of January 15th (as I previously reported). The federal Department of Homeland Security once again has pushed back the deadline for states to comply with the Real ID Act. So, after Jan. 15, you will still be able to board a commercial airline flight by using a New Mexico driver’s license for identification.

New Mexico is not the only state out of compliance with the RealID Act. There are many more... maybe 20 plus. 

A news release posted Thursday on the Homeland Security website said the agency has determined that 13 states have met the standards in the Real ID Act, but that other states haven’t provided sufficient information for the department to make a determination.

"Beginning January 15, 2013, those states not found to meet the standards will receive a temporary deferment that will allow Federal agencies to continue to accept their licenses and identification cards for boarding commercial aircraft and other official purposes.

DHS’s goal is to implement the REAL ID Act, as required by law, in a measured, fair, and responsible way. In the coming weeks and months, DHS will, in consultation with States and stakeholders, develop a schedule for the phased enforcement of the Act’s statutory prohibitions to ensure that residents of all states are treated in a fair manner. DHS expects to publish a schedule by early fall 2013 and begin implementation at a suitable date thereafter. Until the schedule is implemented, Federal agencies may continue to accept for official purposes driver’s licenses and identity cards issued by all states."

I would recommend that everyone have a passport. It just makes things simpler!