Monday, April 15, 2013

For Portland area walking, touring and day hiking: Montrail shoes?

I had to replace my New Balance day hikers, the ones that had served me faithfully for years. I found a brand, style, last and size that fit well and so when they wore out I just ordered the same shoe from Internet sites. But all good things must come to an end. The New Balance shoe had been discontinued long ago and just was no longer available, even from those sale sites.

So I checked with my friend and walking expert, Wendy, who reviews walking gear for and she suggested I head over to Fit Right to get measured
and to see what they had. Since they advertised that they serve walkers, I was encouraged.

One of the first things I found out at Fit Right was that they didn't sell day hikers but they did sell trail running shoes. After convincing me that I needed to make a change and step into the modern world, the sales associate brought out a brand I had never heard of... Montrail. Some of the designs were downright garish but one grey shoe, dubbed a hybrid, with turquoise and pink highlights fit so well, I decided to try it. So I am off hiking simple trails and walking gravel paths at the dog park in my new Montrail Fluid Foam ultra trendy trail running shoes. 

So far walking in them feels like floating along. If that continues, I will be a convert. If you'd like to check out some Montrail shoes, you can find them on They have Montrail for men and women.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography