Thursday, April 18, 2013

Walking and traveling friends never change

Many years ago I had two friends that belonged to a long distance walking club with me. We traveled up and down the West coast, and, sometimes, across the United States to do Volkssport walking. Our times together walking and traveling involved quality hours of walking, talking, sightseeing and, finally, a well-deserved meal.

Our times together were memorable and although we did not see each other for years, all it took was a walk, or an outing, to put us right back on the friendship track... where we were many years ago.

It was such an event that brought my friend from Wichita Falls, Texas and I together after all too many years apart. We chose a volkssport walk event for our reunion. The Vancouver Volkssporters hosted a Cherry Blossom Walk

It seemed like time had stood still and it was just the weekend before that we had walked together. We walked, took pictures of the cherry blossoms, got lost from the course and were happy to reach the end of the route... just like old times. We talked about her Walking Adventures trip to Egypt, and my experiences in the Southwest, about our families and the dogs. And we walked.

Walking is a great way for families, friends and couples to spend time together, reconnect and enjoy quality time.

Volksmarching is a fun, family-oriented walking sport. The term, Volksmarching, at first glance, brings up a mental image of goose-stepping military units. But not so. Volkssport, sport of the people in German, is actually a very fun, self-paced walking sport enjoyable for all ages. Most volkssport events are walks but there are also a few bike, ski and swim events.  And, there are over 300 non-profit volksmarching clubs in the United States putting on events that you can enjoy. Many avid walkers travel the United States and the world attending these fun walking events.

Club members and those who participate in the walks, understand the saying, “Fun, Fitness and Friendship.” It truly is a social sport. More information on volkssporting.