Monday, June 24, 2013

On Cheap Motels and Tripadvisor Ratings

Yesterday I wrote about a horrible cheap motel experience in Vernon, BC. When I looked at TripAdvisor, the reviews were actually quite favorable overall. I couldn't believe it!

So I was a bit tentative when we pulled in to the Motel Nicholas in Omak, WA on our journey south. Since I am traveling with Cinnamon, the blogging hound, I like it when access to safe grassy areas is easy. And here at Motel Nicholas the cars park right in front of the first floor motel rooms. The parking lot is spacious and so are the grounds.

The dog fee was $15.00 and they do not accept certain breeds. Of course a medium sized hound was acceptable. The room was spacious although dated.

But what I really appreciated was that they had spacious, well-manicured lawns and across a lighted crosswalk was a big grassy area where I could run my dog.

When I checked the TripAdvisor ratings for this hotel, they were pretty negative. Maybe Americans have different standards than Canadians? I, of course, rated both hotels on TripAdvisor and gave this one a four out of five (well, in the category of cheap motels!) to counter some of the other comments.

I like it when a dog friendly motel is actually comfortable for both the dog and the dog owner.