Monday, July 15, 2013

The Trendy Restaurant Chair Rant - Found! A Comfortable Chair

A very comfortable restaurant chair
Last night I had the pleasure of attending an Italian wine dinner hosted by La Bottega in Vancouver Washington. It was actually held at Charlie's Bistro and so the credit for the comfortable seating should go to Charlie's.

The wine dinner lasted several hours. The food was excellent, locally sourced cuisine... much of which came from the Vancouver Farmer's Market. The courses were paired with Italian wines from small estate vineyards in Italy. These selections were presented by Small Vineyards.

I was pleased to spend the evening on a comfortable chair! This modern wood, straight back chair had a slightly padded leather or faux leather seat. It made all the difference.

Good going La Bottega in your choice of seating for an excellent wine dinner.

Rating: 4/5