Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alone on Valentine's Day? Consider the Southwest

Take a jeep trip or hike to "cowpies" in Sedona

Alone on Valentine's Day? Make the best of it. Don't sit home in your robe and jammies watching old movies. If you live in one of the colder states consider a getaway to the warmth of the Southwest. There are things you can do to have a great Valentine's Day celebration with or without...

Send Valentine's Cards to Those You Care About
Before you leave consider giving to others. You may not have a special partner in your life but you probably have friends and family. Valentine's Day is a day to express love toward all of those special people. Make or purchase Valentine's Cards and let them know you care. The ideal time to send them is one week ahead of time.

Get Out and Travel in the Southwest
Most of the lower elevations of the Southwest offer recreational opportunities under a brilliant blue sky. Getting outside to bike, hike or walk gets your blood pumping and endorphins going. Soon you will be so full of the joy of life you will forget that you don't have a partner with you to enjoy it all. If you are going to a more remote area, take a friend or family member with you. Here are some of my favorite places and things to do outside:
  • Take an easy hike in the White Tank Mountain Regional Park - West of Phoenix, you will find a cactus-studded park that may just have some wildflowers blooming come mid-February. Enjoy the safe and easy Waterfall Trail. Pack a lunch and enjoy the views after your hike. More on the White Tank Regional Park.
  • Lift Yourself Up In a Sedona Vortex - Bell Rock is one of those uplifting vortexes. Hike around the rock see what uplifting thoughts come into your mind. Or hike the Bell Rock Pathway for more views. After your hike, head in to Sedona for a little window shopping and lunch. More about Sedona Vortexes.
  • Go Gallery Hopping in Santa Fe - Canyon Road is a great place to stroll. Go from gallery to gallery and feast your eyes on the colorful, creative art. Talk with the gallery owners, learn about the artists and enjoy a day that won't cost you anything unless you fall in love with a special piece of art before you head for home! More on Canyon Road.
    Enjoy a First Friday event on Canyon Road
Indulge Yourself
Spas Aplenty- The Southwest is a spa-goers paradise. You can find luxurious large spas and hotel spa packages at places like the Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Scottsdale, or small low-key spas like the Spa at Rancho de los Caballeros. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment geared toward rejuvenating your tired body. More great Southwest Spas.

Shopping - Shopping can be good therapy and is a great solo activity. Seek out a specialty shopping area where you have never shopped before. Whether it's in a historic shopping district such as Highland Park Village in Dallas or a fun and funky place in Santa Fe,  shopping can be a fun activity on your own.

Find Your Passion
Everyone has a passion in life and I don't mean passion toward that special someone. So if you are alone on Valentine's Day think about what else is special to you. For me, it's horses. I have always enjoyed horses and haven't outgrown that. I found that the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show was taking place on Valentine's Day one year. I can't think of anything more romantic, if I have to be solo on Valentine's Day, than watching the beautifully groomed and trained Arabian horses... some of the best in the world! I headed over to Westworld in Scottsdale for a day of equine beauty and enjoyed the day thoroughly.

It still is not easy to be alone on a holiday that is geared toward togetherness. Here are even more tips and ideas for those who are solo on this very duo day!

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