Monday, November 25, 2013

Cell Phones on Planes: How about the bathroom?

I've ranted about people who talk on their cells in the airport, about people who talk about inane things on their cells while the plane is on the ground and I recently ranted about people on cells in the bathroom (in the cubicle, on the toilet, mind you!)

So you'd naturally think I'd be totally against the FCC proposal allowing people to talk on their cells in-flight. The FCC plans to invite public comment on a proposal that, if adopted, would give airline carriers the  ability to allow passengers to use their mobile wireless devices, such as cellphones, to communicate  with cellular frequency equipment while flying above 10,000 feet. More

Of course the missing pieces to this proposal are which carriers will permit this lunacy and what they will charge. I'm pretty disgusted with commercial travel anyway, but I have come up with an idea...

My idea: Cell phone conversations will be confined to the bathrooms on planes.   

Now that will take care of at least three of my pet peeves! They won't talk long. It will be expensive. And, they'll have the bathroom all to themselves while they talk. AND BEST OF ALL, I WON'T HAVE TO HEAR THE CONVO!