Sunday, February 2, 2014

Noteworthy Restrooms: Portland's Kennedy School

Once a grade school restroom, the Kennedy School women's room has been spiffed up art-deco style

Here's an art deco restroom found in Portland, Oregon at The Kennedy School. It's a great place to go for a meal, for an overnight or just to explore the funky decor and history.

The Kennedy School, now a McMenamin's hospitality complex, opened as a grade school in 1915. The first elementary school classes were held on the school grounds in portable, one-room buildings in 1913, two years before the present-day school building was built and opened

Over the years, local children were educated at The Kennedy School and the facility was well-used by community members. The school was closed in 1975 due to declining enrollment.

Sadly, the building was condemned. Fortunately, Mike and Brian McMenamin presented a proposal for reviving the condemned property and it was accepted. In 1997 the building opened as  McMenamins Kennedy School. The school serves as an inn, pub, restaurant and much more.

Throughout the building are reminders of the school's history as well as the fanciful hipster gathering place The Kennedy School has become.

While this women's restroom just outside the old gymnasium is not a fancy one, the art deco graphics make you stop and take note. Look beyond the paint and design and you will see the tiled walls and fixtures that were part of school life in the 1900's.

McMenamin's Kennedy School
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