Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Finicky Foodie: Portland’s Ol' Factory plays on the senses (weirdly)

I enjoy listening to the Right at the Fork podcasts. But the one I just listened to, was a bit over the top, even for our beloved Portlandia.

I learned about the new, Ol’ Factory “restaurant.” It’s a full sensory restaurant. You won’t find a sign out front. Diners are invited by scented, snail-mailed, hand-made cards. And the creativity goes on.

You’ll be seated on tanned, furry pelts. They think the goat will be popular. It’s all about the senses, including tactile and auditory, not just taste. You’ll be given choices of headphones to choose your own background sound. And the creativity goes on.

The first course of food is smelled, not eaten. And the adventure continues with “a walk in the meadow.” And the creativity goes on.

Special meals on Sundays include being blindfolded and being fed by your servers. And the creativity goes on.

You have to hear the podcast by Chris Angelus to believe it! Or maybe you won’t J

This finicky foodie is amused but not watching the mail for an invite!