Thursday, August 27, 2015

Good News about Santa Fe's Jackalope

Some time ago I wrote a sad farewell to Darby McQuade's amazing Jackalope as we all knew it. Jackalope was a destination for tourists as well as a mainstay for locals who furnished their homes and decorated their gardens with imports from the quirky, fun stores on the property. We feared all would be lost.

However, in yesterday's Santa Fe New Mexican good news appeared. The purchaser of the property was not a stranger to Jackalope.

According to the New Mexican, "Harpal Singh, the director of Global House, bid $4.6 million for the four structures on the property and another $250,000 for personal property at the site. The sale included the Jackalope trademark, a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope." Singh, reportedly, has had a relationship with Jackalope for some time and owns the Albuquerque store.

One vendor who was interviewed expected that Singh would be making improvements and the purchase would be a positive thing all around.

I am relieved to hear this. So look for more from Jackalope on Cerrillos Road.