Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving: What a Beautiful Turkey!

Tom Turkey
I photographed this beautiful turkey while doing an article on Boondocker Farms in Oregon. This free-range turkey had a good life roaming amidst the other animals and the blueberry plants.

At Boondockers, on beautiful pastureland, you'll find out about the rare heritage poultry raised there. They have Ancona, Saxony, and Silver Appleyard ducks. But what is unusual is that these ducks, free to roam enclosed pastureland, are guarded by beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs.

Evan and Rachel, the owners, are knowledgeable and creative. Talk to them awhile and you'll learn how they farm and how they raise their animals. These farm animals are raised for eggs and meats and they are provided with a very good life. This is reassuring.

Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography