Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#Optoutside and Enjoy the Beauty of Nature this Friday

It might be a trip to the dog park. Or, a hike in the Columbia Gorge. I don't know yet. But what I do know is that I’m joining REI and a million other people in enjoying a day outside this Friday. I think their #optoutside campaign is a great one.

A few weeks ago, REI told their employees they would be closing this Black Friday and paying them to do what they love most—spend time
outside. They also invited their members and community partners to #OptOutside. The response has been amazing.

Nearly a million people have raised their hands to join in, and more are signing on every day, along with many organizations, park systems and outdoor companies.

While the rest of the world is navigating crowded shopping malls (Yuck!), REI hopes to see you in the great outdoors. They also invite you to share your outdoor experiences by using the hashtag #OptOutside on social media, and to show your support for the movement at http://optoutside.rei.com/join-us if you haven’t already.

Please join me in celebrating those on the list below that have chosen to #OptOutside.

Park Systems

Meetup (Join more than
350 Meetups across the U.S.)


Join the nearly 1 million people choosing to #OptOutside this Black Friday at optoutside.rei.com