Saturday, December 19, 2015

Earl's Restaurant in Gallup, New Mexico: A dining and shopping tradition

Earl's is a Gallup Tradition
Have a turquoise necklace with your burger at Earl’s in Gallup, New Mexico and enjoy a true Indian country dining experience.

Earl’s has to be the only restaurant where people go to shop for Native American jewelry.  Jewelry, pottery and an assortment of Native American handicrafts are paraded by diners as they sip on cokes and savor turkey sandwiches and burgers.

Earl’s has been a mainstay of Gallup, New Mexico since 1947. It’s where the locals come to eat and enjoy a down-home meal for breakfast lunch and dinner. Except between meal times, Earl’s is always bustling.

Outside you will see tables of Native American vendors, loosely screened to try and provide shoppers with genuine merchandise.  You’ll find Indian-made jewelry and crafts here. It just isn’t clear if all the components of necklaces, for example, are hand made by the artist. But the prices are right and the shopping is fun.

Inside you will be seated in a comfortable booth or table and the friendly wait staff will take your order. You’ll have a quite a selection ranging from eggs and bacon to enchiladas. But don’t expect gourmet fare. Earl’s is all about feeding the locals. Look around and see how many Navajo families are dining at Earl’s.

Vendors will come by your table but accept, “not today,” easily and move on. Bargaining is acceptable.

Earl’s is a place for a rest while you are driving I-40 through Gallup or a place to hang out during your Indian country vacation. Earl’s will provide you with a unique southwest experience, for sure.

When You Go
Address: 1400 E. 66 Ave (Old Route 66), Gallup, NM
Hours:  Mon-Sat 6am-9pm; Sun 7am-9pm
Phone:  (505) 863-8858 

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