Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mossquatch sighting on Washington's Olympic Peninsula

I’ve never seen Sasquatch or Big Foot or any of the mythical creatures found in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest. But I have seen a Mossquatch!

On the south shore of the Olympic Peninsula’s Lake Quinault, just up the road from historic Lake Quinault Lodge, you may encounter a Mossquatch. You have to drive slowly and look carefully because this Mossquatch blends in with the background of mossy trees and ferns. If it wasn’t for a sign, we probably would have missed him all together.

What I saw that misty day was Mongo the Mossquatch, the creation of artist Jason McDonald. Mongo is larger than human, just as green as the forest that surrounds him and is a living nurse log for the mosses that clothe him.

Mongo is quite the celebrity. He has a Facebook page and visitors are urged to document their visit. Visiting Mongo is one of those laid back things you can do on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula where little things provide entertainment in an old fashioned kind of way.

Have you visited Mongo?