Saturday, June 4, 2016

Native Fashion Now at the Portland Art Museum - Photo Album

Look up... and be entranced
Patricia Michaels Parasols

Patricia Michaels
Taos Pueblo

Louis Gong's (Nooksack) Eighth Generation
Watch out Pendleton!
Louis Gong is known for his shoe art
with Northwest Native designs.
Amazing weaving and owl mask by
Margaret Roach Wheeler (Chicasaw).
I'd love to see this one dance!

Bethany Yellowtail (Crow/Northern Cheyenne)
Amazing applique dress with elk tooth detail.
Only drawing from one's culture would yield such a look.

Street (or is it Rez) art was strongly represented by
artists like Jered Yazzie (Navajo)
His work can be found on the Beyond Buckskin website.
Jered with his MIS-REP design
Raven the Trickster and Eagle
Skate Board Art
Rico Worl (Athabaskan/Tlinget)

I didn't know about N7. Did you?
The N7 Fund is committed to creating early positive experiences in sport and physical activity for Native American and Aboriginal youth in North America.
Last but not least. How could we not be amazed
by Orlando Dugi's (Navajo) gown and porcupine quill headpiece.

Native Fashion Now at the Portland Art Museum runs through September 4th, 2016. These photos represent my initial impressions of the show, but there is so much more!