Sunday, September 18, 2016

Noteworthy Restrooms: Movie Star Mirrors at the Hotel deLuxe Portland

I haven’t featured a noteworthy restroom lately. I’ve run into beautifully decorated women’s rooms but nothing that captured my attention like the women’s room at Hotel deLuxe.
The glitz and glamour of Hollywood doesn’t stop at the beautiful lobby of Portland’s Hotel deLuxe. You’ll want to explore each and every room of this beautifully renovated gem.
As you walk up the stairs to the Hotel deLuxe lobby,
you'll be transported back to the elegant heydays of Hollywood.
Hotel deLuxe was once Portland’s Hotel Mallory, built in the early 1900’s. When you read the hotel’s back story you’ll find out that even then it was a luxurious retreat: the Crystal Room (now the Screening Room) was a ballroom featuring Grand Piano and orchestra pit. In its previous life, the Green Room was a billiard room furnished with a pool table, crystal decanters of spirits and fine cigars. Across the lobby, ladies could socialize privately in the Lady’s Parlor, which is now the Editing Room.

These stunning mirrors accenting the pink marble caught my eye.
The hotel’s décor takes its influences from Art Moderne, and the Art Deco movement that ignited during Paris’ 1925 World Fair. It was renovated and re-opened in 2006.

The women’s room just off the lobby is stunning because of the glitzy metal and glass mirrors reminiscent of the 1920’s and ‘30’s.  The restroom is done in beautiful pink and white marble but the mirrors are what caught my eye.