Sunday, February 19, 2017

Still Craving Chocolate: Check out Tulalip Resort's Offerings for Chocoholics

Just north of Seattle, Tulalip Resort Casino chefs are going crazy for cacao in their kitchens from through March 31st. During a recent trip to Seattle, Executive Chef Perry Mascitti discovered Seattle’s indi chocolate location at Pike Place Market, which is a true small batch, single origin roasted “bean-to-bar” operation.

After his visit, Mascitti brought back samples for his chefs to taste and he challenged them to understand the nuances and complexities of the cacao bean. He went on to ask them to create a dish presentation that would best match those unique and wonderful characteristics. The excitement was so high that some of the chefs decided to not only use indi’s cacao beans in their roasted nib form, but to also find a place in their recipes for indi’s cacao tea blends, numerous spice rubs and un-tempered chocolates, as well as their 72% chocolate bars.

Chocolate lovers eager to try new dining options: this line-up is for you.

Chef Brent Clarkson’s Cedars Cafe’s featured dish is a Chicken Mole Torta with tender chicken breast simmered in Chef Brent's house-made mole sauce prepared with indi chocolate’s cacao nibs and mole spice rub; topped with coleslaw, chef’s tomatillo salsa, and pickled jalapeño. Served on a grilled torta bun and topped with his house-made black refried beans. To end the meal on a sweet note, guests can enjoy a Warm Chocolate Cobbler with pecans and indi cacao nib streusel.

Chef David Buchanan’s Blackfish Wild Salmon Grill and Bar will feature indi chocolate Dusted Filet Mignon - an 8 ounce filet with chocolate demi-glace, potato torte, broccolini, and spaghetti squash. Dessert consists of indi cacao nib churros with a Peruvian chocolate dipping sauce.

Chef Jeremy Taisey’s Tulalip Bay Restaurant will feature Cacao-Citrus Tea Smoked Duck Breast served with a chocolate ravioli, foie gras cake, black truffle, and dark chocolate. And that’s not even dessert! Enjoy indi cacao infused Amaretto Zabaglione with fresh raspberries, indi chocolate sorbet and cacao nib tuile post-meal.

Chef John Jadamec’s Eagles Buffet featured dish will include Pork Ribs seasoned with indi chocolate barbecue spice rub and bitter sweet chocolate; served with a house-made BBQ sauce.

At Journeys East go right for the finale by trying Pastry Chef Nikol Nakamura’s Warm Chocolate Fondant Cake with indi chocolate Gochujang chocolate sauce and ginger whipped cream.

Chef Brent Clarkson wants guests to order up a game day sandwich at The Draft Sports Bar and Grill, featuring a Spiced Cacao Rubbed Flank Steak Sandwich rubbed with their special blend of spices and indi chocolate cacao nibs, grilled and served warm on a buttery toasted ciabatta roll; topped with spiced cilantro sour cream slaw and fresh pico de gallo. Served with fries.
Try the deconstructed cocoa spice rubbed flank steak sandwich from The Draft.

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Information provided by: Tulalip Resort