Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Joy of the Cool Pines - 4th of July in Arizona's High Country

When the Phoenix temps hit the triple digits I look for opportunities to travel to higher ground and cooler climes. I recently returned from the Oregon Coast where I enjoyed the cool mist and stunning sunsets. I cooled off for over a week. So what happened when I returned? We'll I just wasn't acclimated to the 110 degree heat. Add to it, the fact that the monsoon weather has been building and it's humid and we now have a good reason to leave again. I also, now have great compassion for my family who lives in Florida.

So after spending time with friends and taking care of business at home, I find myself looking at a three day weekend in the cool pines of northern Arizona. I can hardly wait. I'll be covering the Hopi Cultural Event at the Museum of Northern Arizona and having fun at the Pine Strawberry Art Guild Arts and Crafts Show in Pine, Arizona. Some fireworks shows have been cancelled so I'll see what's happening 4th of July evening.

I heard that in Payson, the fireworks are on and they have a full slate of 4th of July activities including a 4th of July parade.

I'll also be checking out a Flagstaff Arizona hotel .  The Fairfield Inn is located in Central Flagstaff and will be handy for me whether I want to see what's going on in the historic plaza or drive out to the Hopi Cultural Festival at the museum.

What I do know is that it's cooler up there in northern Arizona and I can be outside during the day. That suits me just fine.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth R. Rose - Flagstaff from Mars Hill