Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adventuring to Laguna Pueblo

I've never been to Laguna Pueblo, visible off I-40 as you drive to or from Albuquerque. So when I saw an announcement on Facebook of the Laguna Feast Day I thought this might be the opportunity for a short land trip. (Notice I am still avoiding flying).

I contacted the Tribal Office to find out about photography. I knew, and expected, that no photography would be allowed of the dances, any ceremonies, or the central plaza in town. But what about their beautiful church, their pottery vendors and the pueblo, in general. The answer was, no photography allowed... but ask the village officials when you get there.

I want to experience the feast day as much as write about it so any outcome on this issue is ok. It is important to remember that when you enter a Pueblo, you are entering someone's home... their neighborhood... and they make the rules.

In general pueblo rules are as follows:

Do not talk during the dances and do not applaud
Stand in back of the people from the Pueblo as you are a visitor
Do not walk across the dance plaza
Do not enter kivas or areas marked as restricted
Do not take alcoholic beverages or weapons to the pueblo
Do not take pictures unless given permission
Do not pick up pottery shards or other artifacts, especially from shrines

I'm going to the Laguna Feast Day which takes place on Sunday, the 19th of September. The events are open to the public.