Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Travel to Feast Day at Laguna Pueblo

Well, I did travel but kept it to only a few days and avoided air travel. My destination was Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico. The draw was to experience their feast day and just see the pueblo. I had seen Laguna Pueblo many times from I-40 and always wanted to visit. What better time that on their Patron Saint's feast day when the celebrations were open to the public.

Getting ThereI was traveling on the cheap yet knew I couldn't drive the full distance the first day. I opted to stay in Winslow, Arizona as they do have cheap motels. I stayed at The Lodge, which is familiar to me from my stays during the Adopt a Native Elder Program food runs to the Navajo reservation. Two nights = $78 with tax. That was a good buy.


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The Feast Day ExperienceI spent the day enjoying the food boths, arts and crafts, ceremonial dances, and, finally, seeing Laguna Pueblo. Here is the full story of my experience. September 19th is the pueblo's feast day. Consider putting that on your calendar!