Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ever Wonder Why I am Temporarily Grounded? Check Out the Skyrider Airline Seats

By now everyone has heard about the delightful Skyrider Airline Seats . And I thought flying was uncomfortable and crowded enough! So no wonder I have temporarily grounded myself. I hate the lines in the airport, the bodyscanners, the unloading of laptops and gear for screening. Then, of course there are the crowded waiting rooms. 
As most travel writers do, I choose a window seat. I just want to see where I am going. I enjoy flying over the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains and the massive rivers of the midwest. But it is not easy to do anything but sit still during the flight. To get up and stretch my legs or do anything else, I have to inconvenience two people, who often are sleeping.

And now this... the semi-seated cramped seat called the Skyrider. In fact, as if this isn't bad enough. I have heard of standing "seats." Supposedly this is all geared toward making flying more affordable. But what about the charges for luggage? That hasn't made flying a bit cheaper. (Thank you Southwest Airlines for allowing me two bags without an extra charge).

Flying isn't a bit fun now and it looks even less fun in the future!

Rant over!