Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smart Cars - Details - The Amazing Race is On!

So they started in Glouster, Massachusetts and left via uber-cute smart cars. I was glad to see there were dash-cams on board vs. trying to stuff a cameraman in the front seat as has been done in the past.

As I watched the stressed out competitors I remembered how important the details were. You had to buy a ticket via the flagged line, not just any ticket line for American Airlines. Sometimes the really competitive people overlook the details in their haste.

Oh then there is London and driving on the left side of the road...under pressure. So the "birth mom" is not skilled at driving a stick-shift and burns out the clutch. And, Nat and Kat, the doctors, are in a great routine to maintain the health of the partner who has type I diabetes (I am impressed!). Nat and Kat come in 2nd after the "Renaissance Fair Games."

I was not impressed that tatoo'd Vicki had never heard of Stonehenge.... oh please! Perhaps she has spent too much time in the tatoo parlor! Oh yes, then there was the "battlement" knowledge gap.

Meanwhile, Eastnor Castle looked like an interesting place to visit. Beautiful grounds.

So it's all the way with the doctors, for me. What did others think?