Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nat and Kat Come in First - Nick and Vick Continue.... Oddly Enough

What an exciting episode of Amazing Race! The Hong Kong lights were so beautiful I almost considered putting Hong Kong on my list of things to do. Specifically... a night time harbor tour!

But what the Amazing Race is all about is the race. Who are the strongest physically and emotionally... and intellectually? It appears that Nat and Kat, the doctors, are a step ahead of everyone in all three categories.

Last on the list are the unfortunate couple, Nick and Vicki, who should have spent a little more time growing up, learning better coping mechanisms and hitting the books... rather than the piercing and tattoo parlor. They are still in the race only because Vicki has clearly sweet-talked tired Nick into staying. She may regret this... I know I do!

From L in Santa Fe, NM: I think Nick and Vicki should have been eliminated in spite of the fact this was a "non-elimination round". They gave up. Who decides (and when) anyway that it's a non-elimination round. Didn't they even get one of those before when they came in last? I think they were kept simply because they are controversial.