Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cross-Country Flights Add Fun to the Holidays

I'm sitting in the Houston airport waiting on the final leg of my flight home to Phoenix. I'm getting weary at this point but there has been some fun in this day which started at the Jacksonville, FL airport this morning.

I arrived early, anticipating some TSA fun and games but instead found that Southwest Airlines ticket agents provided the most fun. I made a mistake as I hurried through the baggage-checking screens. They laughingly threatened me with diverting my bags to Seattle (the last laugh will be on me once I get to PHX if my bags are not there!).

As I walked toward the food court area with the rocking chairs, a high school chorale group was gathering to serenade travelers. I enjoyed their spirited singing so much and it helped fortify me for the Security Checkpoint and a possible body scan. Oh dread!

Instead a light hearted security staffmember chatted with travelers and moved them through the line. Yes, I had to remove shoes, jacket, computer, etc. and shuffle through the gate, but I DID NOT have to endure a body scan, although they had one standing by should I want to play Security Fun and Games!

I put my shoes back on sitting next to a middle-aged woman. As we slid our computers into their cases she just had to share with me that her computer was a government computer and added that some security agency would be after her should she lose it. Hmmm. I wonder if she was baiting me. Or, perhaps just not very intelligent.

I didn't share a thing about my computer as it contains some very valuable travel stories and photos, of course!

JAX further accomodated me by offering comfortable seating with plug-ins for computers. I downed my leftover turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce (which was not confiscated).

I boarded the flight to Houston, and, as I expected, was packed in sardine-like on a full flight. So now, here I am in Houston awaiting an equally long flight to Phoenix.

Sometimes travel wrtiers just want to get home!