Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Striped Pot Travel Magazine - Where to go to be in the know

Striped Pot, a boutique online travel magazine, is pleased to announce the completion of its fourth successful month since its launch on October 1, 2010. Comprised of freelance travel writers from around the nation and around the world, Striped Pot has steadily grown in readership month over month in both gross views and unique reader views.

Striped Pot is also pleased to announce the promotion of two of the writers to the editorial team. Elizabeth Rose has been promoted to Senior Editor and Gail Hunter to Editor – Contributors. Both writers have shown outstanding initiative and contributed greatly to the success of Striped Pot since its inception.

If you are a writer and wish to join Striped Pot, you should send an email of inquiry to writers@stripedpot.com with your qualifications, portfolio link and your area of expertise.

If you are a public relations firm representing a travel client or if you are a destination management company, CVB, or travel supplier and would like to be written up for Striped Pot, please contact the editor to be assigned a writer with focus in your area. You can reach the editor via email – editor@stripedpot.com .

If you would like to help bring well-written, high quality, travel journalism to traveling consumers through sponsorship or advertising, advertising slots and PSAs are available in quarterly, six-month and one-year increments. Discounts for long-term commitments and sponsored reviews are offered as well. For more information, email info@stripedpot.com

About Striped Pot Travelzine
Stripedpot.com is an online boutique travel magazine whose mission is to provide the traveling public with high quality, comprehensive travel articles to stimulate their interest in travel as well as to become “the place to go to be in the know” about travel destinations, accommodations, activities and events. Striped Pot contains content which is evergreen and continuously updated. Many of the authors are award–winning freelance writers in both print and online.

Authors include Inga Aksamit, Beverly Burmeier, Terri Colby, Patty Davis, Patricia Florio, Wanda Hennig, PatsyBell Hobson, Gail Hunter, Jodie Jacobs, Carlanne McCrystal, Nancy Pistorius, Sue Richter, Elizabeth Rose, Fran Severn and Mira Temkin. Additional information on the magazine may be found at http://www.stripedpot.com/ .

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