Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Santa Fe to Albuquerque Sunport Airport - Options for Transportation and Parking

Here's another in my series of little inconveniences that can affect the bigger picture of trip planning.

I'm flying out of ABQ Sunport and had to decide whether to shuttle from Santa Fe to ABQ or park at the airport.

A quick look at the Shuttle Rates reminded me that the convenient and efficient Sandia Shuttle runs about $47 for the round trip. While the shuttle stops at hotels and at several places in Santa Fe, there can be a wait to leave.

So I investigated airport parking. Long term uncovered parking at the airport runs $7 per day, a total of over $21 for my short trip to the Westin La Cantera in San Antonio.

So then Google led me to some close-by parking at the airport Holiday Inn.... total for my trip? $16.50. You can reserve and pay ahead via the Global Airport Parking Website  This includes the Holiday Inn Shuttle to and from the airport. It's certainly worth a try.

It's the little things that can cause even the most experienced travel writer to develop a headache. I'll check back and let you know how this parking deal works!

Off to San Antonio!