Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Santa Fe to Guatemala - It's in the Details

I get bored with the details of travel... charge the cameras, find airport parking, figure out ground transportation and don't forget anything!

So this upcoming International trip has presented me with more details than I'd ever want to keep in my mind-list.

Issues Solved
I've whined about airport parking and had a wonderful experience with ABQ parking at the Holiday Inn. I arranged this via the Internet but when I talked to the friendly people at the hotel, they told me that this time I'll be able to park for $2 a day just by going directly through them. No reservation needed they said. And, they added, if I did the "Park and Fly" and stayed at the airport one night it would cost me $99 and the parking would be free! This is pretty good considering I was able to park right up front near the hotel entrance last time. I'll try it again for my Guatemala trip.

Another issue for me has been how to find reasonably priced ground transportation in Houston. I need to go from Houston Hobby to Bush Inter-Continental. After gettting prices, I noticed on the airport websites that there are flat rate taxi zones. I can take a taxi. And, because I am a senior, I qualify for the senior discount. This will make all that cross-Houston travel affordable.

Issues in Progress
I decided that I'd leave my mini-computer and smart phone at home. Less hassles. Instead I'll log on to the hotel's computer once or twice during my stay. Yes, I'll go through withdrawal and some of my friends and readers will get frustrated... but we can handle it!

Packing? One doesn't go on an arts and crafts and history trip without purchasing some local handicrafts. So I'm packing my suitcase lightly. I'll have quite a bit of room on the return trip. I just hope I don't go over the 50lb limit!

Money? We were advised to use ATM's and to not bring travelers checks. Some dollar bills for tips and a little US cash will get me started. My trip organizers cover almost all expenses so the money I need will mainly be for shopping.

So with passport in purse, cameras charged... I think I've made it through the details enough to truly look forward to the trip to Guatemala.

What have your experiences been?