Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Farm to Fit: An innovation in healthy weight loss dining

Photo courtesy: Farm to Fit
While traveling I usually gain weight, not lose weight. But while traveling in the Portland, Oregon area I was introduced to an effective way to lose weight. No more frozen meals that hardly resemble food. No more weight loss shakes and no more starving myself.

What I discovered, while staying at the home of a friend, was a neatly packaged, calorie counted, gourmet meal made with local produce and foods. I heard about my friend's enjoyment of Farm to Fit foods and her success in losing over 40 pounds.

I was interested in how something could be fresh, tasty and local and still help her lose weight. So I told her to order a 5 day supply of Farm to Fit meals for me. I really didn't think she'd be too interested in cooking special meals for me, anyway.  When my plane landed, I rented a car and was off to my friend's home in Vancouver, WA and my first Farm to Fit meal.

We caught up on all the local news over a marvelous pork loin dinner. It included local root vegetables. What intrigued me was that there was so much protein included in the meal. Everything was so delicious and filling. Meals are prepared under the direction of a chef in a central kitchen in Portland. My friend picks her meals up at the local Vancouver co-op food market.  We then heat the meals up in a microwave. Since the meals are prepared using fresh, local ingredients and picked up every five days, little nutrition and taste is lost. And, there are no preservatives.

Over the course of my visit, I enjoyed a salad, split pea soup (delicious) and, my favorite.... steel cut oatmeal with figs and slivered almonds. And, I swear there was a hint of brown sugar in there too. The oatmeal turned out to be the best oatmeal I had ever had!

Farm to Fit works for my friend. She never tires of the variety and follows the weekly menu. Meals can be ordered in  1200, 1600, or 2000 calorie plans. If you are in Portland, you can have the meals delivered to your home or office. 

The Portland area is rich with produce. If you don't have time to visit the local farmer's markets or take a little trip out to Sauvie Island, you can get a taste of local foods through the Farm to Fit program. I certainly didn't have time to go shopping during my visit and this meal plan was ideal and surprisingly delicious.

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  1. Liz, the Farm to Fit program sounds like a fantastic way for folks to keep their meals and calories organized. I try to eat healthy overall with cheat meals and cooking in between. And the biggest thing I've done to try help myself is portion control :)

  2. Sounds like a great strategy in-between trips~

  3. What a neat idea, Liz! I'm surprised I've not heard of Farm to Fit before but it's such a no brainer, right?
    I'll have to check the farmers' markets in NY to see if anyone's doing something similar.
    Thanks for linking up this week, hope you have a great weekend.